Zoran Glava: +389 75 351 440

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Welcome to the Skopje Open Backgammon Tournament


Why You Should Attend


It's held in Skopje

Our tournament takes place in the stunning Skopje. Full of historical monuments, archaeological sites, sport halls and beautiful nature, you'll never get bored when walking through the streets of the heart of Macedonia.

Staying at Hotel Arka

Arka is one of Skopje (as well as Macedonia)'s most luxurious and modern hotels. It's located at a walking distance from the city centre, as well as the city's main tourist attractions, such as the old bazaar.


It's growing in popularity

With more than 50 international players at it's 2 year, the Skopje Open Backgammon Tournament is growing tremendously every year, and it's hoping to soon extend to a global level.


Want to participate? Contact us

Zoran Glava: +389 75 351 440

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